TerraLogix Solutions team of knowledgeable personnel have also worked on special environmental projects.

Seismic Line Restoration Project

Caribou habitat has been limited in northern Alberta through historical exploration for oil and gas development.  Seismic lines have been cut into boreal forests for decades, which has been shown to limit caribou use of these forests.  To mitigate these impacts, TerraLogix Soltuions started seismic line restoration for 8.048 km of seismic lines near Red Earth Creek, Alberta for Harvest Operations Corporation (Harvest). This work was completed from 2018-2020. This included predominantly old growth lowland (peatland/muskeg) areas, with some upland (forest) areas.  An assessment of the landscape, soils and current vegetation establishment was completed in the summer of 2018.  Restoration activities were completed in October 2019, which included using a tracked excavator to create soil mounds, disturbing areas with hard (crusted) soil and limited vegetation establishment and felling trees.


Tree planting of an estimated 13,230 black spruce seedlings was completed in September 2020. TerraLoigix Solutions has committed to continue vegetation assessment work that will be required for a period of potentially 5 years to ensure the effectiveness of the tree planting and ensure non-native species do not invade.

Chinchaga Field Abandonment

Starting in November 2019 and through to March 2020, TerraLogix Solutions Inc. completed a large scale field abandonment project with TAQA North Ltd. in the Chinchaga region of northern British Columbia. The production field required downhole and surface abandonment and full environmental management, including Site Screenings, Stage 2 PSI , and site Remediation to BC MoE and OGC guidelines and reclamation to BC standards.

TerraLogix worked directly with operations personnel to complete the project.  Operations coordinated and supervised construction of access to all locations and the downhole and surface abandonment activities.  TerraLogix directly supervised and completed all assessment and reporting activities regarding environmental management.  TerraLogix was involved in the following aspects: completed all Site Screenings for 56 locations; completed 58 Stage 2 PSI’s at wellsites and remote sumps due to multiple areas of concern; remediation of 1 wellsite due to soil impacts from former operations; and surface reclamation of 60 wellsites, and their associated access roads and waterbody crossings.

Due to remote northern location all site activities had to be completed in winter, within a short time frame.

Check out the video produced by Evan Adler at TAQA detailing the scope of the project, and processes when reclaiming wells.