Facility and Utility Decommissioning

Overseeing the abandonment and decommissioning of facility infrastructure, including: facility buildings, pipelines, underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Groundwater Well Installations

Complete management of Phase II ESAs, including: Phase I ESAs, underground facility locating, borehole placement, water well installation, soil sampling, water sampling, field screening, analytical review, cost tracking, remedial recommendations and report preparation.

Soil Excavations

Complete management and supervision of excavation activities associated with remedial projects.

Biopile Treatment

Management of biopile treatment activities, including: construction, nutrient applications, aerating, soil sampling and analytical review. Different types of biopile’s are used based on the contaminants of concern, concentrations, area of site, and timelines.

Landfill Disposal

Management and supervision of landfilling activities, including: pricing, waste characterization, contractor selection, manifesting, safety and cost tracking.

Leachate Collection Systems

Planning and design of leachate collection systems for the management and remediation of in-situ salt impacted soil with the end goal of achieving regulatory levels or risk based site-specific levels.

Spill Remediation

Complete management of spill clean-ups, including: initial response, remedial recommendations, liaison with regulatory personnel, remediation work, reclamation and revegetation.


Complete management of reclamation activities, including: pre-site assessments, soil reclamation, re-vegetation, detailed site assessments and reclamation certificate application processes.