TerraLogix Solutions offers a wide variety of environmental management services while still providing cost effective environmental solutions for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

Areas where TerraLogix Solutions Inc. personnel have a proven record of performance:

  • Wellsite Reclamation and Pre-construction Assessments
  • Phase I Environmental Audits/ Acquisition and Divestment
    Liability Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Contaminant Investigation and Remediation both on small
    and large scale projects for contaminants including but not limited to
    process chemicals, hydrocarbon, salt water, sterilants, metals, and sulfur
  • Flare Pit, UST, AST, Cumulative Release and Spill Remediation
  • Facility Decommissioning
  • Tier II Risk Management and Risk Assessments
  • Soil Monitoring Program Development and Implementation
  • Waste Management Program Development and Implementation plus specific waste issues management (e.g. waste characterization and disposal)
  • Environmental Training
  • Complete Environmental Management

Alternatives and Value-Add Services

TerraLogix Solutions offers experienced technical service at very reasonable rates. When compared to our competitors, who offer similar service, we feel we excel at our price point and offer exceptional service. Below are some of the innovative ways TLS provides value added services to clients we work for.

Light Reclamation Equipment
TerraLogix has a line of light reclamation equipment that gives us the ability to complete light reclamation work while onsite and reduce the need for third party contractors to mob to and from locations. Our staff are well trained in assessing what needs to be done and executing what needs to be completed while on site. Whether it be rototilling a well center, adding or spreading topsoil, backfilling hydrovac holes, harrowing lease, seeding, fixing fences, TLS has the expertise and equipment to get it completed in a timely fashion and reduce the need for additional site visits. This saves substantial costs to the client as no third party contractor is required.

Chemical Spray Equipment
TerraLogix also has a line of spray equipment with Licensed Pesticide Applicators that have the ability to complete vegetation assessments while onsite and in turn can complete vegetation control on same visit. This reduces the need to hire a contractor or return to the site another time. This has huge cost savings especially in southern and central Alberta where vegetation management is a primary concern for achieving reclamation certification

Regulatory Interactions
TerraLogix has been involved with and has had successful interaction and working relationship with both regulatory bodies, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD). TerraLogix has dealt with all levels of personnel within both organizations from Area Reclamation Inspectors up to Senior Advisors (i.e., Kevin Ball and Gordon Dinwoodie). Specific interactions have dealt with a wide variety of projects involving remediation and reclamation activities, including but not limited to the following:
• Spill response,
• Unconventional remediation approvals for site clean-up,
• Risk assessment activities,
• Drill sump remix applications,
• Modified wetland projects in lieu of backfilling a site post remediation, and
• Approval of non-routine wellsite reclamation applications

Large Client Base and Contractor Relationships
TerraLogix has a large client base throughout Alberta that allows TLS to maximize efficiencies regarding mobilization to certain fields, the utilization of local contractors which minimize mobilization costs and ultimately allows for better pricing for the client.

Area Based Closure Program Expertise
Terralogix has extensive experience completing Area Based Closure programs for various clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia. TLS has become very efficient at completing large amounts of work in short periods of time, on budget and on schedule safely.

Alternative Approaches
TerraLogix has implemented several simple but effective approaches in the area of reclamation that has been successful in obtaining reclamation certifications. A few examples of such approaches are:
• The addition of Alfalfa pellets to soil to allow for better water retention for native grassland vegetation development in arid regions,
• The use of erosion matting on native grassland locations to reduce wind erosion and provide a better environment for native species to thrive,
• Transplantation of Sage Brush to well sites to allow for better vegetation establishment of native species in windy environments,
• Using specialized rototiller implements to reclaim access road ruts but at the same time reducing unnecessary disturbance of established species in central portion of access roads or ditches.