At TerraLogix, we take accountability in our work, which fosters trust and respect from our coworkers, clients and contractors. Our high ethical standards and professionalism allow us to uphold an excellent reputation within the environmental industry.


TerraLogix is dedicated to taking a proactive, professional approach to all work being conducted, to ensure we sustain industry standards, and add value to the operations of our clients by striving to exceed their expectations.


The safety and health of staff, clients, vendors and contractors are of the highest priority at Terralogix. Through awareness, education, and individual commitment, we maintain working conditions that are within industry guidelines, and promote employees to make decisions that will sustain a safe working environment.


As a team, Terralogix encourages the collaboration, mentorship and comradery between employees and senior leadership. We support individual contributions, cooperative learning, and growth toward various types of leadership roles in both the office and the field.

Environmental Solutions for an Evolving World

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Founded in 2002 in Calgary, AB, TerraLogix Solutions Inc. has specialized in Environmental Management in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. TerraLogix is built on providing excellent environmental management services while still providing cost effective environmental solutions for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry. We are experienced in the development and coordination of environmental assessment programs, environmental project management and on-site project supervision.

Over the last 20+ years, TerraLogix Solutions has added 2 additional offices in Edmonton (opened in 2009) and Redcliff (opened in 2021), Alberta, and has grown to over 60 team members

The safety and health of each employee, vendor, and contractor with TerraLogix Solutions is of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration.  This is achieved by maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and by fostering a culture on awareness, open communication, safety education and supervision, and safe working methods. Safety is an integral part of what we do everyday, and is part of the fabric that supports and reinforces all of our core values.


TerraLogix Solutions has a dedicated Health and Safety Commitee, as well as a Health and Safety Coordinator who monitors and maintains our Health and Safety program. Our commitment to safety includes company and industry sepcific standards, safe work policies, comprehensive health and safety training, yearly external safety audits, and proactive hazard assessment and managment protocol.


TerraLogix Soltuions in registered with the Alberta workers compensation board (WCB) and maintins a Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta. TerraLogix upholds a good standing with contractor qualification systems including Complyworks and ISNetworld.


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At TerraLogix Solutions, we specialize in pragmatic and cost-effective environmental consulting solutions, with a focus on land reclamation and remediation. Our purpose is to provide expert guidance and services to our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity in our work.

Areas where TerraLogix Solutions Inc. personnel have a proven record of performance:

• Wellsite Reclamation and Pre-construction Assessments;
• Commercial Phase I’s, Phase II’s and Remediation;
• Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments;
• Environmental Audits/ Acquisition and Divestment Liability Assessments;
• Phase 2 Environmental Assessments;
• Remediation both on small and large scale projects for contaminants including but not limited to process chemicals, hydrocarbon, salt water, sterilants, metals and sulfur;
• Cumulative Release and Spill assessment and remediation;
• Facility Decommissioning;
• Tier II Risk Management and Risk Assessments;
• Soil Monitoring Program Development and Implementation;
• Electromagnetic Surveys (EM21 and EM38);
• Waste Management Program Development and Implementation plus specific waste issues management (e.g. waste characterization and disposal);
• Temporary & Term Groundwater Diversion Licenes
• Water Well Testing and Evaluation
• Aquifer Assessments
• Groundwater Investigations
• Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring
• Tier 2 Options Analysis (Tier 2 Guideline Modifications, Subsoil Salinity Tool, Pathway Exclusion)
• Environmental Training


Experience and Expertise

Proactive Approach to Environmental Consulting


Reputation and Credibility



At TerraLogix Solutions, we are dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds industry standards and our clients expectations. Our experience, technology, and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and deliver to our clients needs.
We take a proactive approach to environmental consulting, identifying and addressing potential issues before they become problems, and minimizing environmental risks.
Sustainability drives our purpose and is key in our goals and methodologies.  We strive to promote environmental sustainability through sustainable approaches, sustainable relationships and sustainable liability.
Our reputation is solidified with trust and credibility, benefiting your own brand’s image when collaborating with us. We value our employees, clients, and vendors for their trust and commitment. We build trust through open and transparent communication, honoring our commitments, and maintaining confidentiality with our clients and stakeholders.
At Terralogix Solutions, we work hard to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients, while continuing to deliver a high quality product. Through efficient and responsible management we want to promote profitability to our clients, contractors, TerraLogix Solutions, and all employees.