TerraLogix Solutions Inc. is built on providing excellent environmental management services while still providing cost effective environmental solutions for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

Areas where TerraLogix Solutions Inc. personnel have a proven record of performance:

  • Wellsite Reclamation and Pre-construction Assessments
  • Phase I Environmental Audits/ Acquisition and Divestment
    Liability Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Contaminant Investigation and Remediation both on small
    and large scale projects for contaminants including but not limited to
    process chemicals, hydrocarbon, salt water, sterilants, metals, and sulfur

    • Flare
      Pit, UST, AST, Cumulative Release and Spill Remediation
    • Facility
    • Tier II Risk Management and Risk Assessments
  • Soil
    Monitoring Program Development and Implementation
  • Waste Management Program Development and Implementation plus specific waste issues management (e.g. waste characterization and disposal)
  • Environmental Training
  • Complete Environmental Management

TerraLogix Solutions Inc. will utilize external consulting services and/or associates if further expertise and/or specialization are required for a particular environmental project (e.g., groundwater, formalized Tier III Risk Assessment group). Associate information has been appended at the end of this Corporate Profile.